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Widad Chhibi Hope For Children
Widad Chhibi
Hope For Children
Widad Chhibi
Widad Chhibi

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964 days ago, Widad Chhibi created this page and gave everything for Hope For Children:

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My Challenge

Hey guys,

In August 2016 I will be trekking the Atlas Mountains to reach North Africa's highest peak, Toubkal. Before taking on this challenge, I'm hoping to fundraise £1,200 for the amazing charity Hope for Children. There's no better way to raise money for unprivileged children than on my own turf (or rock in this case)!

Unfortunately as we all know, the amount of children who live an unprivileged life without basic rights to education, basic healthcare or any means of empowering themselves is devastating. It's for this reason that the likes of you and myself, those lucky enough to be born in circumstances where such rights come naturally, need to take steps (big or small) to help these children gain equality.

In 2012, a UNESCO report estimated that 58 million children of primary school age and another 63 million children of lower secondary school age were out of school and not receiving any form of education. Take a moment to consider all the basic fundamental things you learnt at school, all the social skills and all the opportunities that resulted from your education, and consider where you would be today without these things.

Like HOPE, I believe that without encouraging children to access/complete their education, development for any society will always be hindered. Every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential regardless of their background and financial means. One can only imagine all of the amazing things that may have already been discovered/taken place if all children in this world were provided with equal opportunities to pursue their aspirations. Together we should work on building strong foundations for all of these children by ensuring that they receive the rights they were promised by governments worldwide whom adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, also known as the CRC or UNCRC. These rights include:

  • Education
  • Highest attainable standard of health
  • Prevention of child trafficking
  • Protection for mentally and physically disabled children, ensuring that they live in conditions which ensure dignity, promote self-reliance and facilitate the child’s active participation in the community.

Hope for Children was founded in 1994 and works extremely hard towards achieving these exact goals. The charity's projects aid children in Ghana, Uganda, Philippines, Tanzania, India, Sri Lanka and the UK to provide them with education, healthcare and the means to empower their families.

I'm ridiculously proud to be fundraising for Hope for Children because I truly believe that their work is making a difference. It's clear to see that your money is actually reaching those in need and being used in a manner that creates sustainability, as opposed to a 'culture of dependency'. Through their Sustainable Livelihoods Approach (providing micro-finance schemes), they are ensuring that families learn to support themselves and can ultimately afford healthcare and to send their children to school with no further reliance on charities. This is a real lasting difference being made to families all over the world.

I will be organising lots of fundraising ideas for this charity and will keep this page updated so you guys can see that I'm deserving of your money!

Please sponsor me and be a part of the small (but important) change I'm trying to make! The tiniest bit will go a long way! Ps if you took time to read all of the above, you're pretty darn cool! Thanks :)

Thank You

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